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   BeerInHand Site Overview
Thread Started: 04/16/2012 09:47 AM / 0 Replies
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BeerInHand Site Overview

Posted: 04/16/2012 09:47 AM

What is BeerInHand?
It's a beer blog. It's a beer recipe calculator. It's a social network for brewers. It's an online database to store your brewing sessions and tasting notes. It's a place to network with friends and share thoughts and recipes.

How it works
There are 6 main sections to BIH. Visitors to BIH that are not logged in can see most of the content on BIH and have access to the beer calculation portions of the site but cannot save data or post new content.



If not logged in, this page will show a brief description of site, # of batch brewed this past week, gallons of beer, etc, link to sign up / login. If you are logged in, “The Mill” is the main page of the BIH web site. It serves as an aggregator for all your activities as well as those of any brewers whose grist you have added to your mill.


The BIH blog page serves as an aggregator for the most interesting blog entries posted by the users of BIH. The blog entries most recommended by other users can be promoted by the site admin to the main BIH blog.


This section is a traditional web forum consisting of several topical sections. User can post topics and comment on existing topics related to beer and brewing.


This section is a beer recipe calculator.


This section contains many calculators useful for beer brewing.


This section allows users to navigate through the various data centers stored on BIH, such as grains, hops, yeast, etc.


This section only appears when a brewer is logged in. This serves as the main hub to maintain brewing records, post blog entries, track followed brewers and favorite recipes, and maintain profile data.

Each brewer has a "MY BIH" section within BIH. This section consists of several pages:

GRIST - This page displays a brewer's "grist", which is an aggregate of their brewing and other site activities such as new blog entries, posting in the forums, following another brewer, et al.

BREWS - This section shows all the recipes a brewer has stored on BIH. It allows a brewer to view their recipes by Date, Name, and Style and provides quick summary level reporting of totals and averages.

FAVORITES - This section shows all the recipes a brewer has Favorited.

STATS - This section shows a breakdown of a user's brewing stats such as top ten styles, malts, hops, yeast, etc.

BLOG - This optional section allows each brewer to maintain a blog. Blogs can be recommended by other brewers and with enough recommendations might be elevated to the BIH main blog page.

SETTINGS - This section allows a user to maintian profile settings.

I got Hand.

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